Diablo 2 Tournaments


D2Tournament League

We are creating a fair system for everyone who want to join to our League. Right now we are testing some methods but soon will be ready for test.
D2Tournament League will have PvP contests, PvM Contests and Fun Contests. It will be around 6 months durations , 1 maybe 2 times per week and we will try for every month awards!

D2Tournaments Types

There are some type of tournaments for Diablo 2. We will focus on the following:

PvP (Player vs Player)
PvM (Player vs Monsters)

Dont forget that those Tournaments can be done for level 1,9,18,30,49 etc

Diablo 2 is (maybe) the only game which has a lot of types of Tournaments.

Max 13 Characters and only letters and numbers!

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