Diablo 2 Tournaments

D2Tournaments Timeline & Updates

Completed & Working Parts of the Site

  1. Trade system.
  2. Forum.
  3. Useful links, once again if you want to add more links feel free to contact with us!
  4. Mule system ( you have to be logged in to see it).
  5. Archive and Suggestion are working you are free to send us anything.
  6. Activity user history is completed.
  7. News is automated now.
  8. Guides system is completed.

Parts, minor fixes which missing (estimate completed 30 Nov 2018 )

  1. Tournaments, Tournaments system is on 70% right now.
  2. Search on Trades and Forum.
  3. Minor bugs on user settings.
  4. Guilds System.
  5. Some reports button are missing.
  6. Real time notification its missing.
  7. There is a bug with date/time.

Please be patient, we are trying to finish it as fast as possible.

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