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What is a Speedrun?

Speedrun is a run from act I to Act V as fast as possible in a clean diablo 2 LoD Single player Mode. There are a lot of types os speedruns.

Any%: means that you dont have to do all the Quests, you can do what ever you like. The timer stops when the baal is dead on Normal/Hell Mode.
100%: means that you MUST do all the Quests + Cow Kings in every difficulty. The timer stops when the baal is dead on Normal/Hell Mode.
So we have:

  • Any% Normal
  • 100% Normal
  • Any% Hell
  • 100% Hell
  • Pacifist

Then you have to choose difficulty:

  • Softcore
  • Hardcore

In single player you can choose the player mode. So if you type /player 2 the game will make the the monsers stronger because it thinks that there are 2 players in the game.
Then you have to choose:

  • Player 1: means that you play on /player 1, the easy mode
  • Player X: means that you can change /player 1-8 command when ever you want.
  • Player 8: means that you play on /player 8, the hard mode

And finally you have to pick a Character:

  • Amazon
  • Assassin
  • Necromancer
  • Barbarian
  • Paladin
  • Sorceress
  • Druid

There are specific RULES that you have to follow:

  • Must NOT use a pre-generated map
  • Must NOT use any modification of the game
  • This is a 'Real Time Attack' run: The usage of "Safe and Exit" is allowed
  • Timer starts on characher creation and ends when Baal dies on Normal difficulty or Hell difficulty
  • Must be done on softcore/hardcore what ever you chose
  • Must be done on /players 1 or You can change between /players 1 and /player x at any time! or Must be done on /players 8

And for Pacifist Mode you have the Rules are:

  • You may not take any action that would directly deal damage to anything with a life bar [any attack, most skills, some shrines].
  • You may not force something to attack you or others [Taunt, Confuse, Attract].
  • You may not set traps for things to walk into [Assassin traps], nor use directly damaging auras [Sanctuary, Holy Fire].
  • You may not hire anyone [Mercenaries] or summon anything [most summons] to do anything forbidden on your behalf, but you aren't responsible for the actions of fully independent NPCs [Flavie, Wild Barbarians].
  • Thorns, Iron Maiden, Spirit of Barbs, "attacker takes damage", and "chance to cast when struck" are permitted sources of damage.
  • Offensive skills used for mobility or convenience [Telekinesis, Charge, Leap Attack] are allowed, but accidentally targeting or attacking something (which Charge and Leap Attack sometimes do automatically) invalidates the run. Use at your own risk.
  • Directly attacking or dealing damage, even an accidental attack due to the "bindings glitch", invalidates the run. Set hotkeys for "Throw" and "Unsummon", take care not to equip throwing weapons, and get in the habit of re-setting your bindings every time you equip or unequip anything.
  • Crowd control skills that don't deal damage are allowed [Leap, Bone Wall, Decoy], except if they force things to attack you or others [Taunt, Confuse, Attract].
  • /players X is allowed.
  • Must NOT use a pre-generated map.
  • This is a "Real Time Attack" run, "Save and Exit" is allowed.
  • Timer starts on character creation and ends when Baal dies.

For more information visit Speedrun Website

if you Google Diablo 2 Speedrun you will understand the rules and the game.

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