Diablo 2 Tournaments

D2Tournaments Rules

General Rules

  1. You MUST be kind and polite.
  2. No racism, insults or bulling is accepted here.
  3. No pornography.
  4. Do not share any D2Tournaments public link to other sites unless you have the approval from the other site.
  5. Do not share your password with anyone.
  6. No Multiple Accounts.

Tournaments Rules

  1. Do not post Tournaments links on other forums/sites unless you have the rights.

Trade Rules

  1. All the trades must completed with in Game Currency ONLY.
  2. No real money or other type of virtual money are accepted.
  3. You are responsible in case of scam.
  4. Always double check when trading.

News/Memes Rules

  1. Avoid Personal Attacks.
  2. Criticism is welcomed.
  3. No Porn or anything similar.
  4. Do not be rude. 

Forum Rules

  1. No Piracy links, etc
  2. No botting or any other hacking tool discussions are accepted.

Feel free to report anything you see that violates the Rules.

Max 13 Characters and only letters and numbers!

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