Diablo 2 Tournaments


Join the D2Tournament League Or Create your own Tournament and play with your friend!


Trade system is available for everyone with 1 Rule, Use only Ingame Currency. Everything else is banned!


Think something crazy and ask us to make a guide for you!

About D2Tournaments

The site is not ready yet we are on 70% right now, we open it so it will be easier for us to share it and get some feedback before the final version!

D2Tournaments is a fan page. The main reason that we are creating it its because we love Diablo 2 and we dont want to see this game empty.
A lot of gamers start Diablo 2 and after a while they bored of it because they dont have anything to do in the game. So we want to create some activities outside of the game. Right now on D2Tournaments is completely free.

We create a Tournament system which everyone can create a custom Tournament. We are working on a Diablo 2 League which we will announce soon.

The trading system its easy to use, we allow ONLY ingame currency nothing else!!!
The main reason which we want this its because a lot of gamers working so they cant open a game but they can open a trading topic here and reserve the item!

We want to create guide for everything in the game. There are some public videos mostly on YouTube but sometimes is hard to understand. We want to create a video-text Library with all the characters specs, mercenaries, pricing items, etc. We know that this will take a lot of time but right now we are working on it!

Those 3 categories will be the base of D2Tournaments. Finally: 
we want to Archive everything which exist on the Internet or on Paper about Diablo 2.
we want to gather all the Useful Links for Diablo community.
we want to do some Giveaways for our members.
we add a News area which the member will be able to add what ever they like event custom blog posts.
we create a custom forum.
For chat we are using Discord.
we create a note and a mule system  for our members.

We are looking for more member to join us. We are open for any type of suggestions.

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